Canoas Ribadesella

Caballo tito bustillo Cueva Tito Bustillo

Tito Bustillo Cave

Tito Bustillo Cave was discovered in 1968 by a group of spelunking that were part of two riosellanos when descending on a small chasm.
One of the members of that group was Celestino Bustillo, known as "Tito", who a few days after the discovery of the cave died in a mountain accident, and in his honor gets its name from the cave.
The cave is divided into several rooms which are spread by different paintings: reindeer, deer, cows, horses, bison, and even a human figure in the most difficult part of the cave access for its depth. It has been shown that this painting is one of the oldest in the cave was made around 40,000 years ago.
For all this has been recognized since 2008 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in "Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain".
In addition, a few meters from the Cave Rock Art Center, a museum where you can enjoy various workshops, and various exhibitions that will make complete the visit to the cave of Tito Bustillo is located.