Canoas Ribadesella

Paseo Plaza del Cañon de Arriondas casona del sella

Arriondas, on the banks of Sella

Arriondas is one of the villas of the Asturian east through which passes the course of the River Sella, exactly is the starting point of the popular Sella, which is held every year on the first Saturday of August.
In the square where is located the City can find one of the identifying symbols of the town, Canyon, donated by the Spanish Canoeing Federation and used to give off the international event from 1968-1971.
In the gardens located in the same square we can see the bust of Dionisio de La Huerta, founder of Sella.
In this villa you can enjoy the Sellero environment that goes beyond the sporting event and the day on which it is held, as during the period from 1 April to 31 October are countless number of people They dare to ride in a canoe for river travel in which year after year the best athletes compete in international canoeing.
A place you can not miss